Latest Facebook Messenger Update for Windows 10 Mobile Removes Landscape Mode

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is currently the second most-used messaging app on the planet, following in the footsteps of WhatsApp in hitting more than a billion followers from around the world.

One surprising aspect of not just Facebook Messenger, but a host of other common apps, including the aforementioned WhatsApp, is that the number of updates that show up on Android or iOS platforms is not the same with respect to Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, it is easy to come across a bunch of features on a Messenger app for Android as opposed to a Windows 10 Mobile-based app.

Now, about a month ago, Facebook made a great move that was basically aimed at bridging this ever-growing gap between Messenger on Android and Windows 10 Mobile. The social networking giant came in with an update that introduced the landscape mode to Facebook Messenger, allowing users to access the app in more than just the portrait mode.

This was without a doubt a much-needed improvement, especially for those using small sized screens that make it hard to type when using portrait mode. While there have been reports of issues with the landscape feature on Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile, the most obvious expectation was that the developers of the app will come in with a fix to the glitch. Instead, the company has decided to completely get rid of the landscape mode from the latest version of Messenger.

The new version is 79.528.24456.0 and once you update, the landscape mode will no longer be accessible. Strange enough, the latest version of Facebook Messenger doesn’t come with any change log, but we can tell from the new version number that this is indeed an update.

Facebook messenger

If you are currently using the Messenger app on your Windows 10 Mobile phone, this is the time to shift to the newer version. Even though it removes the landscape mode, the updates also include some performance improvements as well as other bug fixes.

It is not known whether or not Facebook will bring back the landscape mode in future versions of Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile. However, bringing it back with perfect functionality will be a huge welcome among fans of the app.

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