Google Project Fi has a new commercial: The Joy of a Simple Phone Plan

Google Project Fi

It’s indeed great to see that Google Project Fi is airing a commercial so as to put more emphasis on how a good MVNO it is.

Most of those who have used Google Project Fi will agree that the wireless service is great and unbeatable, but they’ll also be quick to warn you that Fi is not for everyone. What makes Fi one of the best, if not the best, is that it has a very simple plan that ditches the idea of contracts and has no hidden charges.

Well, the latest advertisement is meant to emphasize this notion in a commercial dubbed Project Fi: The Joy of a Simple Phone Plan. The ad is already showing and it has a young boy showcasing some cool dance moves, probably in appreciation of how “an unexpectedly satisfying phone plan” Fi has been to his family.

For the uninitiated, Google Project Fi introduced group plans a while back, where current account holders can add up to five other users to the same account. These additional accounts, unlike the original account, will only be charged $15 per line per month instead of the usual $20 per month (data charges remain the same at $10 for 1GB).

Looking at the growing numbers on Project Fi, it was actually time that Google aired this commercial. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it below.

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