Some Google Nexus 6P users experiencing laggy performance and app crashes after November security patch

google nexus 6p

Sometimes it’s strange to see users of the same devices having mixed experiences, but this does happen more often than not.

The latest culprit is the Google Nexus 6P, a phone that has been around for more than two years now, but it’s still going strong, at least for some. Apparently, some users are experiencing a myriad of issues following the latest update to November Android security patch, which started rolling out a few days ago.

It’s usual for software updates to come with a share of their own issues, but it’s becoming increasingly popular for the Google Nexus 6P. Perhaps it’s because of the new Android Oreo or simply because the phone’s hardware is becoming of age and as such, it’s finding it hard to work perfectly with the latest software.

Whatever the reason, a good number of Google Nexus 6P users are reporting that the phone has become laggy, with some labeling their experience with the phone since the update “an absolute nightmare to use.” In addition to lagging, the phone’s touch sensitivity has dropped, which makes using it feel like a resistive touchscreen.

Interestingly, others are claiming to have started experiencing random reboots after the update while someone else’s Nexus 6P bootlooped after the update. Of course, we know these have nothing to do with the update because numerous cases have been reported in the past one or so years.

Major OS upgrades are usually marred by random app crashes and inconsistent performances, but this is rarely a side effect of a monthly security patch. Nonetheless, it’s happening for some Google Nexus 6P users, where the mail app, phone app, and weather widget are crashing.

While there’s no known solution to any of these issues, some recommend booting into recovery mode and clear the cache or flash the OTA. If worse comes to worst, a factory reset should help solve the problems.

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