Has the Google Project Fi support team become terrible?

Project Fi

Google Project Fi support was once a major selling point for the MVNO service, but it appears that things are changing really fast.

There is no doubt that Project Fi as a wireless service is one of the best things to have ever happened to a good number of Google Nexus and Pixel smartphone users. The service, if you can fit in, is one of the most affordable you can have in the U.S. While the likes of Verizon and AT&T have some of the biggest coverage in the country, it can sometimes get horrendous when dealing with the support team.

When Google Project Fi launched back in 2015, it quickly gained favor among Nexus 6 users and later Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P users not only because of the affordable plan it offered, but also due to the impressive support team behind those phones and computers. Many early adopters of Fi will be quick to tell you how the service made them realize how bad others are at doing the same business, but lately, it appears Fi is becoming one of them.

It seems the Project Fi support team has taken the foot off the pedal. These days, getting some issues resolved can be a nightmare. You make a call to the team and the respondent says one thing. The next time you make a call about the progress of the same issue, the person on the other end says a different thing and the next thing you know is that none of what you were told ever existed. While it’s possible the team works in shifts, but the way issues are being handled has simply gotten terrible.

Not so long ago, Google Project Fi users were not so impressed with the company’s Device Protection program for the Google Nexus 5X and long before that, the Fi team has been accused for doing little to help with the bootloop-prone Nexus 5X and even Nexus 6P as far as refunds and replacements are concerned.

Are you a victim of the growing poor services from Google Project Fi support team? Share your experience in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Has the Google Project Fi support team become terrible?”

  1. I’m a big fan of Google Fi. I’ve been using them for over 1-year. Yes I had the boot-loop issue, but they replaced my 16gb 5x with a 32gb 5x. I still find their support to be second to none. I just wish they had an affordable line of phones like the 5x (that’s no longer available)

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  3. I received the phone on Tuesday and activated it… on Thursday I noticed an issue with my Google Pay account and removed then added my profile…. somehow FI got wind of this 2 minute transaction and deactivated my service. Okay fine… it happens…. but I have been without a phone for 96 hours (4 days)… for which when i communicate with them, am only told that this was escalated to the engineers…. The support team is quite empathtic, but quite useless in terms of helping.

    I am in customer support… 4 days is way too long to wait for an issue, and with about 12 hours between replies, that is unacceptable. I really want to give FI a chance, but what if I were on a business trip… what if Google were hacked and my Pay account was closed during that timeframe…. I’d be in the same boat.

    Google itself, I have heard is a great company… but the service for FI is really horrible. I will give it a week and if nothing is resolved, I will send back the phone. This is quite frustrating. I’ll be happy to update this with an actual timeframe “if” this issue can be resolved.

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