Is Google Project Fi pushing Nexus 5X users to ditch the phone?

Nexus 5X

Big tech companies have this strange habit of shoving things down our throats even if we don’t really appreciate their choices and the latest seems to be Google and its beloved Project Fi program.

Up to today, the Google Nexus 5X remains the best budget handset that customers have ever paid for on Project Fi. In fact, the phone was at some point valued at just $199, but today, getting your hands on this gem is just not possible, unless you are okay with getting a used model.

As if trying to remind current owners of the Google Nexus 5X handset that it’s about time they upgraded to a newer Google Pixel or Moto X4 Android One for that matter, the search giant is no longer replacing Nexus 5X units under Project Fi Device Protection, which is the same as the Nexus Protect for Nexus devices. This means that if you damage your Nexus 5X right now, you won’t get a replacement, but Google has something in exchange, something you won’t like at all.

According to Pocketnow, Google says that it will be offering “$100 Google Store Credit after your deductible (which is $69) – that you can use towards anything currently available on the Google Store, including new devices – OR a check from Assurant, mailed to you, in the amount of $59.”

Of course, you already don’t like this deal because of one reason: the amount you paid for Device Protection compared to what is on offer are two worlds apart. Whether Google will hear the voice of the many unhappy customers and do something on this deal is still unknown, but hopefully it does. While it’s true that Google has run out of stock, the fact that there’s no Nexus 5X production could also mean Google simply wants customers to ditch the phone and upgrade to something newer.

Do you think Google is trying to force Nexus 5X users to ditch the phone? Let us know in your comments below.


One thought on “Is Google Project Fi pushing Nexus 5X users to ditch the phone?”

  1. So I’m wondering if we Nexus 5x owners should now ditch our device protection plan? Frankly, I love the 5X and see no reason to ditch a perfectly good phone …

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