Google Project Fi Update Adds a New, Nifty Feature to Group Plans

Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi is a pretty great wireless service, especially for those who use a small amount of data in a month or maybe those who do lots of international traveling.

However, one thing that is obviously standing in the way of Project Fi’s success is the limited number of affordable devices supported on the platform. Of course, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are supported, but this pair is nowhere near the “affordable” price tag we saw on the likes of Google Nexus 5X.

Supported devices aside, Google is rolling out a new feature for those who are lucky enough to be using Project Fi. Dubbed Group Repay, this feature is aimed at helping users split of the service split up the group plan bill.

In case you didn’t know, Project Fi started supported group plans last October, allowing up to six lines in a single group. With this new Group Repay feature, the search engine giant wants members of this plan to be able to share the monthly bill accrued in order to make the service even more affordable. At the end of each month, Fi will calculate each group member’s total expenditure and send out alerts to each one. Each member can then choose to repay the owner of the plan directly through Project Fi.

Apparently, the main reason behind this new feature is to eliminate the need for group managers having to constantly remind members that it’s time for them to pay back what they spent on the service over the month. Also, plan owners will no longer have to go through the hassles of figuring out the amount each member owes them.

When Project Fi sends out the reminders to participating members, all one has to do is tap “Send money” and they’ll be able to repay the owner of the plan, but this will only work if one has a payment method added to their Google Wallet. This feature has already started rolling out and it should hit all Fi users by the end of this week.


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