WhatsApp is Not Planning to Stop Supporting Older Android Versions

WhatsApp Stop Supporting Older Android

The Facebook owned messaging platform, WhatsApp has a massive user base around the globe.

They are not supposed to simply ditch older Android versions until users could actually buy newest smartphones and avail the best of the operating system.

In an attempt to keep servicing their customers and allow them to use old phones without any difficulty, the developers of WhatsApp have confirmed that they will provide the best possible support for all their loyal fans. All older versions of Android operating system including the oldest Android 2.1, 2.2 among other old OSes. In an earlier update, it was said that the developers were planning to stop supporting the app from 2016 onwards. There was even an end date displayed on some of the phones but now it has been revised to match the new plan.


The update is now available on the official blog where it claims that Android versions 2.3.7 and older will be extended up until February 1st, 2020. That’s quite a long time and by then, most phones would have been upgraded and it wouldn’t pose much of a problem if older Android versions become obsolete for not just WhatsApp but for every other app on the Google Play Store.

Being an essential application, users expect it to run on older Android phones. These models should be extremely slow by now and may hardly support any app except for the few that continue to work. Besides, if you are one among these users, be prepared to skip all the latest and greatest features the WhatsApp users roll out. The features will not be actively developed for the oldest Android operating system available in the market. Instead, it will only be supported and can be used to send or receive messages among other basic features.

WhatsApp Stop Supporting Older Android

The company has also been looking forward to release some new features for current users including the ability to revoke sent messages, use live location sharing and more privacy options. Many of these features are kept hidden at the moment and it will take some time for the development team to roll them out to users worldwide. The live statuses introduced by the company didn’t work well and they have now shifted their attention towards more user related features than trying to mimic a social networking website. Meanwhile, users with older Android versions can be at peace as the support will continue for another three years.

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