Google Renames Messenger to Android Messages, May also Rename Pixel 2 to Android Phone and Android Phone XL

Google Pixel

Google surprised many when it debuted the Pixel and Pixel XL phones last year in place of the well-known Nexus brand, but there could be more surprises being lined up later this year.

Last year, Google Pixel and Pixel XL were unveiled on October 5 and started selling two weeks later. The same is expected to happen this year, but there are also talks of a possible early launch. Even though Google has not confirmed anything regarding this early launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL successors, Android Police’s David Ruddock claims that works on the 2017 models has already begun.

It is interesting to begin works on a phone that will not be here until Q4 2017 as early as Q1 2017, but this statement could also be an indicator that indeed the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be replaced earlier than expected. Another interesting development is that tech giant could eventually end up renaming the 2017 Google phones to Android Phone and Android Phone XL.

Similarly, this speculation on name change is coming from the same Ruddock, but there’s no saying that this will indeed be the case once the phones are here. However, one thing that could also suggest that Google is taking a different approach in 2017 is the recent renaming of the Google Messenger to Android Messages.

The app and functionality remain the same, but the name is now Android Messages. This app is meant for SMS services on Android phones and it’s the default SMS app on all Google phones.

So, could this be the beginning of a new era of Android Phone and Android Phone XL? Well, at this point in time, it is hard to say, but we should find out more details sooner than later, especially now that the Google I/O 2017 is fast approaching. On the contrary, this could simply be a name change aimed at eliminating the confusion between Messenger by Google and Messenger by Facebook on the Google Play Store.

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