New Nokia 3310 Rumored to Feature Swappable Faceplates and Run on 30+ OS

Nokia 3310 Makeover

Times are changing and Nokia 3310 is once again in the news! Despite dominant brands like Apple and Samsung ruling the roost, Nokia is still favored by majority of buyers.

The company has such a solid foundation built through the decade for their rugged, kickass phones that were ever so popular before the iPhone came in. While smartphones have become extremely lightweight, slim and are mini computers in your pocket, they still lack battery capacity and are highly unreliable. The new Nokia 3310 is the answer to your woes. It is not a smartphone but a feature designed with a battery that could last an entire week.

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is inspired by the original model launched years ago and this time, it will draw some important elements from the Nokia 150. The information was leaked by Evan Blass, a tipster known for his strong connections in the world of technology and is usually the one to bring interesting info out prior to the official reveal. This time, it is speculated that the upcoming feature phone will run on Nokia Series 30+ operating system. It is the latest edition of the software that powers all phones launched after 2014.

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Another important feature that is coming back is the ability to swap faceplates as you like. The customization option will make it easy to keep the phone fresh and vibrant looking at all times. All you have to do is buy and keep a couple of faceplates ready to swap them anytime. However, the Nokia 3310 will be pretty much limited in functionality. It will have very basic controls and may support WhatsApp if the developer is willing to keep it live on feature phones.

Nokia 3310 Makeover

While you may not be able to rely on the Nokia 3310 for your daily needs, it could be very well a great secondary device that lasts for a whole week or more on standby. The battery life combined with sturdy build quality, affordable pricing and colorful faceplates could make the 3310 a popular model. Nokia has already launched the Nokia 6 in China, while the Nokia 8 flagship model and the Nokia P1 are in the pipeline. The manufacturer has planned to bring out 7 different devices in 2017 so as to get back into the competition with a bang. There is still no word on bringing their smartphones to other parts of the globe as Nokia seems to be strongly focused on the Asian continent for their initial comeback.

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