Google Rolls Out New Pixel Launcher Home Screen, Moves Search Bar to Bottom


The #madebygoogle event was a runaway success considering the number of products Google announced during this Pixel event.

They not only announced hardware stuff including the Pixel 2 smartphone, new Daydream and Pixelbook but explained some software upgrades as well.

The new Pixel Launcher home screen with revised design is an important one to take note off. The rounded icons continue to be the proprietary design for all their phones and you can get it on any Android phone by downloading a new icon pack.

Always-on Ambient Display

This particular feature looks similar to the ones found in latest Motorola phones. There is no need to unlock the phone because it is always on and will even display the song playing in the background without you having to ask for it. It also displays any new e-mails, missed phone calls and reminders at a glance.

Once you get used to something, it is very difficult to switch habits. But, Google’s new Pixel Launcher wants you to as they have moved the search bar to the bottom of the screen very close to your hands. Whenever you use their search functionality, the AI becomes more aware of your needs and mood. It will also help the company make more revenue. While they can’t say all this in the open, the representatives confirmed that as phones become larger having the search close to your fingertip is much more intuitive and easy to reach.

Google Assistant or Google Search?

A question people are asking now because when you put the search bar at the bottom, there’s an option to either wake up Google Assistant or just search what you need with old school method. So, it’s up to the user to decide which one they want to rely on.

Google New Pixel Launcher

The company did think of this because the new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL allows you to squeeze the phone to activate assistant. The same can be activated by long pressing the home button.Users now have the choice and they can pick any one of the option based on their requirement.

The developers have also introduced a new at a glance section in the new Pixel Launcher home screen. It provides all the necessary information including Calendar, traffic updates, weather and upcoming meetings if any. These are the two major changes in the home screen now which may be loved by some and not by others.

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