DXO Mark Claims Google Pixel 2 Camera is the Best Smartphone Camera Ever

Google Pixel 2

The internet is abuzz with Google Pixel 2 news and the smartphone’s impressive specifications without breaking the bank.

Everything is cool about this latest flagship smartphone but the standout feature is without questions its camera.

Can smartphone cameras actually be this good? Yes, says DXO Mark the benchmark specialists who rate cameras and Google Pixel 2 camera has won a staggering score at 98 that most smartphone manufacturers can only dream off.

Google Pixel 2 camera

Single Camera, DSLR Grade Output

If Google has done something out of the box with a wow factor, it’s their ability to have delivered DSLR quality output using a single camera. Most other manufacturers keep claiming that a dual camera setup is necessary. Even Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus uses dual camera setup to detect a person’s position against a background.

Key Specs

  • 1/2.6-inch 12-megapixel sensor
  • Supports dual pixel autofocus mode
  • Has very low f/1.8 aperture
  • Supports optical image stabilization, HDR+ technology
  • A portrait mode powered by the Android software

Photo Quality

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones produce excellent photographs in brightly lit conditions, especially when outdoors. The color rendering, dynamic range and contrast is exceptionally high. You can check out the photography samples to know how it looks. They have literally no noise in daylight condition.

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Another impressive aspect of the camera as confirmed by the DXO Mark test is that they can segregate between dark areas and bright areas even when both of them are in the same frame. The level of detail it achieves in the shadows is pretty high.

A similar output is delivered in low lit, indoor photographs too with best color reproduction. The level of detail captured by the camera in the Google Pixel 2 is unlike any other smartphone tested in the past, confirmed DXOMark.

Google Pixel 2 chart

Video Output

The Pixel 2 camera has scored 96 for impressive video output with amazing autofocus speed, reduces unwanted noise in the clips. The color rendering, depth in videos and ability to distinguish between background and focus object is excellent as well. It can also produce great Bokeh effect in the photos. The white balance is impressive in all videos irrespective of the lighting and location, be it indoor or outdoor.

An exceptionally large review, comparison and sample photographs are provided at DXO Mark to prove their claim. Google even announced it during their Pixel 2 event and it is going to be the selling point for the smartphone this year.

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