Google search results page is getting an overhaul due to the growing number of mobile phone users

Google search results

In 2010, the Google search results page got a nifty feature known as Instant Search. With this feature, users were able to shave off millions of seconds per hour when trying to find information on the giant search engine whereby results could start showing up immediately you start typing in the first few words of your query.

This was a pivotal change in more than one way as it not only tweaked the entire user experience in Google search results, but it also changed how they used the web to seek information. Since one could start seeing search results even before typing the entire search query, this Instant Search feature was a definite time saver, however, 2010 is about seven years ago and we all know how technology moves on fast.

As it stands, this Instant Feature was great for use on desktops, but today, most people use mobile phones to carry out Google searches. Given that mobile phones have smaller screens which also house the virtual keyboard and buttons, the amount of space left for displaying the instant Google search results has drastically decreased. Apparently, it makes no sense having Instant Search on a mobile phone due to the type of interaction we use with these devices.

According to the tech giant, trying to load a Google search results page on top of a screen that also houses the keyboard we are using to key in the queries isn’t such a good user experience, something that I completely agree with.

After this change, Google search results will now rely on auto-complete in a standard drop-down menu and the results page will only show up only after you hit the search button. In short, say goodbye to real time search results.

Despite the fact that users have always been given the option to disable Instant Search, the latest move suggests that this option will be no more as Google looks to create a consistent experience across all major devices used for searching the web.


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