YouTube Red and Google Play Music will soon merge to create a new service, company official confirms

Google Play Music and YouTube Red

It has long been on the wishlist of many fans and it seems Google has finally heard your wishes. According to the company, YouTube Red and Google Play Music will soon merge to give you one streaming service.

This was confirmed by the head of YouTube music, Lyor Cohen, during a New Music Seminar conference in NY, stating that the tech giant needed to merge the two platforms in order to help educate consumers as well as add more subscribers to the less popular YouTube Red. Despite confirming that YouTube Red and Google Play Music will be merged into a single streaming service, there is still no word on whether the story will be the same with respect to the two apps.

If you ask me, the current status of Google’s YouTube music ecosystem is pretty much messed up. First, there’s the free YouTube Music that is accessible to everyone but to get the best out of this service, you need to get into the paid-for YouTube Red. Where the former serves users with ads, the latter removes ads from your music experience, which is a cool thing. And then there’s YouTube TV, something that is very different from the other two, but currently, its reach is still limited.

There’s no mention of when this merger will happen, but now that it has been confirmed by a YouTube official, it seems pretty much imminent. It gets even better knowing that earlier this year, the search engine giant merged the teams working on YouTube Red and Google Play Music.

As noted earlier, YouTube’s music system is very complicated and with this move, it won’t be changing a lot of stuff. For instance, when you subscribe to one service, say YouTube Red, you will get free access to Google Play Music and vice versa is true. However, this change will be great when it comes to offering clear and much simpler music streaming services to consumers.

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