Google Shop  – Google’s New Approach towards Hardware and Selling of Devices

google shop

Google Shop is Google’s new way of dealing with hardware and selling its devices.

Google seems to have done a lot of rethinking with respect to hardware, as is seen in the new smartphones, the Pixel and the Pixel XL. Both these devices were designed as well as created by the company itself. However, in addition it is also rethinking the way in which it sells the devices, by means of the Google Shop.

Google devices

Store Inside a Store

Google introduced the two new Pixel smartphones during this fall. In addition, it also introduced Chromecast Ultra along with the VR headset, Daydream View. The company is launching the Google Shop, a store inside a store, in North America, in some Best Buy shops of Canada.

Experience Store

When the company launched the new Pixel devices and also introduced the Google Wifi, the Google Home and the Daydream View, it announced something else as well. Google gave the information that the company would offer an Experience Store to users, whereby they would be able to check out the new wares offered by Google in NYC. The new Google Shops have been launched in Canada and are by no means a temporary shop. They are shops were Google will showcase its devices, both current ones and future ones. They will also be locations where a community sense can be fostered among the users.

Similar to Apple

If all this sounds familiar, you are right, as Google Shop is preparing to offer activities for the public. This is similar to Apple’s in store programs. Google Shop also comes with a similar décor as well, but the aesthetics are unique, consisting of light wooden grain paired up with gray fabric and combined with the bright Google colors.

Limited Space

As Google Shop is just a shop inside a shop, the space is limited, but it has to be mentioned to the credit of the company that the limited space has been used very wisely, with customized modular furniture that can be nested when necessary. It can accommodate a student group sitting on stools, if necessary.

Effective Presentation

The devices and products are in a group and there are special stations that can combine them together if necessary. For instance, Chromecast and Pixel can be combined or Daydream View and Pixel.  In one corner, there is a multi screen display and dial control, whereby the visitor can experience Google Earth on a big scale or just be with Santa during special seasonal events.

google shop

Playing and Having Fun

Apart from being a showcase of Google devices, it is a great place where fans can play, have fun and discover new devices, according to Janell Fischer, the Retail Market Director of Google. The shop offers different types of immersive experiences, some of which are a direct demonstration of the device or product and its features, whereas others are just fun experiences that fans can explore.

For instance, there is the Portal, which is the multi screen display, allowing shoppers to fly all over the Google Earth or go through the solar system.

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