Google to Unveil a Competitor to the Amazon Echo, No Release Date Yet

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo probably isn’t something new in the ears or eyes of many readers and in fact, it has been all over the news in the recent past, something that seems to have caught the attention of Google.

As it seems, the search engine giant is working on a competitor to the Amazon Echo, but the reports have not mentioned anything to do with the specific date this challenge will begin. The planned all-purpose smart home digital assistant is expected to come at some point in the near future, The Information claims.

No word on technical specs and features

The report coming from The Information, which is a members-only exclusive, only says that Google is working on a “secret” project that is aimed at competing with the Amazon Echo, which has taken over the home. However, the report doesn’t go into further details with respect to the specifications, features as well as other technical details about this upcoming gadget. Furthermore, there is still nothing much to say about the pricing of the Google device or even the release date thanks to the fact that the project is “secret.”

Google is working with Nest

Google acquired Nest at the beginning of 2014 and since this acquisition, nothing much has come from this partnership. However, according to emerging reports, it seems these two have something cooking secretly, especially after Nest went ahead and bought Dropcam, the maker of connected security cams, in mid-2014.

Amazon Echo

Nest is reportedly helping Google with the task of creating a smart home assistant that will pit the search engine giant against Amazon as the two look to lock horns as far as home assistants are concerned. Well, it seems the efforts at Google are slowing down due to “misunderstandings” between the Google team behind the device and the Nest team.

As a result, it might take some time before a new Google-owned device comes in to compete head to head with the Amazon Echo. But since Google owns Nest, things might start moving a little bit faster than before as the former’s “Works with Nest” initiative begins to take shape.

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