Top 5 iPhone SE Alternatives Worth Checking Out

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE was unveiled at the start of last week and it is currently available for preorders, with the official release date set for March 31.

Even though this 4-inch smartphone represents Apple’s cheapest ever iPhone costing just $500 for the 64GB variant, it is not the best smartphone deal you can get at the moment. It’s true the phone packs the capabilities of the iPhone 6S and comes with the cute looks and comfort of the iPhone 5S, but with Apple using this device to reach out to the developing markets, it may have to rethink its strategy considering the wealth of alternatives available out there, especially from the Android niche.

Apple wants the iPhone SE to reach out to users in China, India and other developing markets; however, these markets also offer quite a good number of options at very decent prices. Here’s a look at the top 5 iPhone SE alternatives that are worth looking at.

iPhone 6/iPhone 6S

If you should own an iPhone, there is really no need for getting a new iPhone SE when there are plenty of iPhone 6 and 6S in stock. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 costs around $500 for the 16GB variant while the same storage option of the newer iPhone 6S costs a little over $600. In essence, the base model of the iPhone 6 costs the same as the 64GB variant of the iPhone SE, but you’ll need an extra $100 to get the base model of the iPhone 6S.

iPhone SE

Even though the new iPhone SE has most of its hardware borrowed from iPhone 6S, it is still not the iPhone 6S. The latter offers more in terms of functionality and performance as opposed to the smaller SE, which should make it a decent alternative.

Nexus 6P

Huawei made the headlines when it showed the rest of the world how it’s done as far as the Nexus 6P is concerned. While there will always be that Android vs. iOS debate, there is no denying that the Google Nexus 6P is a decent device.

You will enjoy a great design, the latest software, a decent display screen size and quality as well as an excellent camera. If style is what you are looking for, there is no better offer than the Nexus 6P’s $600 (64GB). However, the former will give you more in terms of display, looks and in fact; it feels much smaller in the hand than it actually is.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung seems to have given up on 4-inch smartphones and instead, it is flooding the handset market with 5-inch devices. With 5-inch displays now becoming the standard option, having a smaller iPhone SE looks substandard. At the moment, a 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 costs about $550 and for this, you’ll get a larger and much better display quality, excellent cameras, premium design and lots of other goodies.

iPhone SE


If smartphone photography is your best interest, your best friend should be the LG G4. The camera focus is superfast and the shutter speed is equally the same regardless of the lighting conditions. The display of the G4 is even better and going under the hood, it packs decent specs as well, including a Snapdragon 808 and 3GB RAM. The price of the LG G4 keeps dropping, with the current rates standing at $480 while other platforms such as eBay are offering it at discounted prices of just $290.

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