Google unveils a new Website for showcasing how it does its Open Source Projects and Internal Processes

Google Open Source

Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and a huge chunk of its success comes in as a result of open source projects, for instance, Android OS.

In a bid to make these projects even more “open”, the tech giant has launched a brand new website that is mainly aimed at showing the rest of the world what or rather how it carries on with its open source projects as well as internal processes. The website brings all of its open source projects under one roof, but their codes will still live on GitHub as well as the tech giant’s self-hosted git service, with the new website coming in as their central directory.

Google has made its name from open source projects and it not only wants to showcase how it does things, but it also wants you to dive into what it does, but not as a “how-to” guide. Apparently, Google acknowledges the fact that different experts have their own approaches towards open source projects. As a result, the company wants to use this new project as a way for you to also criticize how it does things, be it positively or the other way around.

It gets even more interesting as Google will also be publishing some documents that reveal how it handles open source internally. As noted, the Mountain View Company doesn’t want you to take these as how-to guides, rather, they simply represent one of the many ways of doing open source.

Google has had massive success with open source projects such as Android, Kubernetes, and TensorFlow and if you are one of those companies that are also looking to go open source with some of your internal code, these documents are for sure worth looking at.

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