Google Updates Pixel Phones – Double Tap and Raise to Wake New Features for Canada Users – Big Tweak for Users

Pixel Phones

Google has offered updates for Double Tap and for Raise to Wake, new features at present available for Canada users.

Updated Features 

The Pixel phones launched to a lot of fanfare and excellent reviews. However, the phones were shipped with some features that were present in the predecessors and lacking in the new phones. Now, a new update is available for users in Canada for the Pixel and the Pixel XL. The new features consist of the double tap feature and the raise to wake one.

Google Updates Pixel Phones

By tapping the two fingers on the display, users can see alerts. They can also raise their device in order to awaken the screen to see the notifications.

Welcome Features

The above-mentioned features were already present in the previous Google smartphones, such as Nexus 6P. They are welcome features for the Pixel devices. This is especially so, as Apple has offered the feature of raise to wake for the iOS 10. It makes sense to have the feature on the Pixel, as the latter is being posed as an Android alternative for the Apple phone.

It is not sure as to when the additional features will be available for Pixel users in other parts of the world and in the US, but it is expected soon.

How to Access

Those who want to access the features must go to the Moves section found in the General setting panel. Search for the Double tap and Lift for checking phone features. If users are living outside of Canada and are eager to get the features immediately, they can install the zip file that is captured over the air directly. However, they may have to take some additional steps to check whether the update works on the Verizon version and other international versions of the Pixel device.

Big Tweaks

It was just in November that the Pixel update had started rolling out and now the second update is being offered, but only to users in Canada initially. Owners of the device in TELUS and also in Bell and in Public Mobile have reported on Reddit about having received the NPF26J build update, weighing 261 MB.

This update offers a very big change to users, as they can double tap for seeing the alerts and raise their phones for waking it and for seeing notifications. This is the first big tweak that has been added for the Pixel devices since the time it has been launched.

Pixel Phones

Bugs and Fixes

There was speculation that the latest update would also address some bugs that users have been noticing on their Pixel devices on the LTE Band 4. However, there has been no confirmation regarding this issue. Usually, the second alphabet on the build shows the code branch from which it is. For instance, R is for release, M is for maintenance release and P is for preview. Based on this, it could be a Preview build, but Google has made some changes in the build numbers earlier, so we cannot read too much into it.

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