Pokemon Go Gets New Update, Alters Creatures Combat Power

Pokemon Go New Update

Niantic developed Pokemon Go was an instant hit when it was launched on iOS and Android.

However, the game has lost its spark in the past few weeks and the developers are rolling in some updates to make it interesting again.

Pokemon Go New Update

The mobile game was very innovative for its time as it encouraged people to actually get out of their home and walk, searching for exotic creatures. Niantic promised a lot but the team didn’t roll out the title as quickly as expected and had lots of server issue that hindered the experience. The game is much better now as the crowd has dispersed and if you are looking forward to check it out, there is no better time than now.

Pokemon Go gets a new update which modifies the combat power for specific creatures. Those that underwent the changes are Gengar, Alakazam and Rhydon. Just three of them will have their CP boosted while every other creature will be buffed and have lower combat power with the update. Maintaining game balance is an important factor for its success, commented the developers in their official blog.

“We have some plans laid out for the game and will continue to support it in all ways. Balancing the combat power is an essential aspect to keep the game balanced and give a fair share of fun to gamers. If one of them is winning at all times while others continue to lose because of an overpowered creature, it might push them off the board. We will balance the CP to keep the game engaging throughout the weeks and months to come,” read the blog.

To bring in more players, Niantic labs decided to give 2X more XP and increased stardust. Pokemon Go was launched in the month of July and witnessed roaring success. The developers commented that they would like to thank fans for their support which is why the XP boost and stardust offer has been announced. The double XP event is going to be there until November 30th and if you are planning to play the game, do so this week so as to boost your levels in a short period.

Pokemon Go Combat Power

Nintendo had very little to do with this game but they have now regained their popularity by launching the new Switch console. When the machine gets launched, it will not only have first party titles like Zelda, Mario and Pokemon but will also features Skyrim among other AAA titles from Ubisoft, EA besides top publishers.

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