Google Wallet on Gmail Android Now Lets You Send Money on Phones

Google Wallet on Gmail

Gmail is no longer a simple emailing tool that allows only file attachments because you now have the option to attach money on any Android phone and send it to a friend.

The Google Wallet service has been going strong for a long time and it was integrated to Gmail in 2013. The time the developer team took to bring it to the Android version of the app is too long. But, it should be considered that this needs lots of security updates and backend work so that the money you send through an e-mail don’t get lost in between.

Google Wallet

A huge advantage of using Gmail to send or request money is that it is not mandatory to have a Gmail address. While it is much easier to send it to someone who already has an address, the wallet service allows you to send it to anyone for added convenience. The concept is very similar to how you would attach a file to any e-mail. Users have to tap on the paper clip icon which is used to attach files.

The pop up will request whether you like to send or receive money. If you are going to send money, proceed with it to enter the amount and click add a note. The process is really simplified, easy to use and anyone can get it done in matter of minutes. It works entirely in the Gmail app interface and there is no need to install Google Wallet. By customizing the option, it is viable to directly transfer any money received directly to your bank account. Google doesn’t collect any additional charges for their services.

Paypal is a very popular payment service tool followed by Square Cash and Venmo. Gmail has millions of subscribers and by offering such value added services, Google aims to simplify the work. It also comes in handy when you are talking about plans or buying gifts as a group. Sharing money with friends or family to make the purchase s easier with the Google Wallet Gmail integration.

Google Wallet on Gmail

Mobile payment options are rapidly growing with Snapchat’s Snapcash, Facebook’s own solution and Wechat. It is unclear whether people would transact using all these apps at once with the limited cash an average person has. The feature is now available for U.S. customers on both web and Android versions of Gmail.

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