Porsche Mission E will be Available in Multiple Variants, Supports OTA Updates

Porsche Mission E Concept

The latest electric car to join the fray is the Porsche Mission E which is filled to the brim with amazing features including support for OTA software updates.

Tesla pioneered the electric car idea with Model S sedan and later rolled out the Model X SUV after much delay. The automobile industry is now fast catching up with almost every top manufacturer working on fully electric cars of their own, with possible autonomous capabilities for the future. Being one of the pioneers of performance, power and style, Porsche Mission E is all set to take down Model S sedan.

Porsche Mission E

During a recent interview, the company’s head Oliver Blume had some interesting insights to share about the car. The team has worked a lot to ensure that customers have choice of variants when they decide to power the vehicle. There will be multiple models with varying battery capacities, interior changes among other improvements. It makes it easier to provide the car at different price points. The variants and customization options will also allow buyers to get what they like rather than having to settle down with what Porsche engineers offer.

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Providing the largest battery capacity to cover many miles is what Porsche Mission E is after. The brand’s head did confirm that they are going to equip it with a much larger battery than the Model S. Cars are becoming more of computers and this newest model is no different as he also confirmed that it will support OTA updates. Over the air updates are pretty common for smartphones to receive bug fixes, new operating system and patch files.

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The concept is now being moved to automobiles for the first time. Tesla does it with their Model S car and so will Porsche. He added that the Mission E will mostly offer about 311 miles on a full charge. “ There will be different levels of power delivered by each car. There will be more than one model on offer,” he said.

Porsche Mission E Concept

Tesla did launch Model S as 90D among many other variants and even added a ludicrous mode to offer maximum power to the vehicle. A similar approach is being followed by other manufacturers to capture price points as well as offer customization for buyers. The car will offer about 590 horsepower with its flagship electric variant and can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. It will have an 800V charging system on the inside developed by Hitachi and also support autonomous driving capabilities.

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