Google is Working on ‘Smart Features’ for Android 8.0 ahead of Launch at the Google I/O 2017

Android 8.0

Last year, Google released the first Android 7.0 Nougat beta well before the Google I/O 2016. With the Google I/O 2017 set to take place in May, just like each other version of this event, we are still unsure whether the search engine giant will take the same direction and release the new Android 8.0 for developers.

It’s safe to assume that the Google I/O 2017 will mark the first day of Android 8.0 in this world and in fact, rumors of what the tech giant is planning with the successor to the current Android 7.0 have begun emerging. According to a new report put forward by VentureBeat, the tech giant will announce the refreshed Android 8.0 O at this coming event.

Once the company makes this OS official, it will start rolling out developer preview versions, probably up to five, before the stable release of the OS follows later in fall this year. Of course, this is what every Android enthusiasts expected, which makes it not much of a surprise – but this is not all. Apparently, the publication further adds that the new Android 8.0 O will focus heavily on smart features, which makes pretty much little sense considering that we are already using smart devices.

But of course, there’s always room for improvement, which is what probably Google is thinking to do with the upcoming Android 8.0 O. According to VentureBeat, one such improvement is the planned introduction of Copy Less. Here, you’ll have less work to do when trying to share something with a friend on a chat app.

Android 8.0

Let’s say you’re thinking of grabbing lunch with a friend as you catch up on old times. While chatting on say, WhatsApp, you leave the app and rush to the Yelp app in order to find a cool place that you two can go and eat. You also want to share this address with your friend on the chat app. With Android 7.0 N, you’ll be required to copy and paste the address in the chat app before sharing it with your friend. With Copy Less on Android 8.0 O, you only need to locate the place and when you head back to the chat app, the address will pop up as a suggestion on your keyboard and you only need to tap a button to import it into the chat app.

This is just one of the many smart features that Google is expected to introduce with Android 8.0 O, but since the Google I/O 2017 is still months away, we should be able to know more details about the search engine giant’s plans.

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