BMW’s M4 is Quite Unlike its Predecessors with A Plethora of New Features

BMW M4 Facelift

The German car manufacturer BMW has given its all new M4 car a complete facelift with interesting changes to both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

These changes are sure to win the heart of any BMW lover and make the M4 a fitting addition to the M Competition package.


As far as external changes are concerned, the first thing that you will not fail to notice about the F82 BMW M4 is its color. The car will come in an all new bright Sakhir Orange color that has not been used in any BMW car so far. Also, the huge 20-inch alloy wheels are something that will definitely not go unnoticed. The LED headlights design has also undergone a makeover. The car makes use of the same hexagonal lighting system that the manufacturer is deploying in the new 5-series range of vehicles. There are an additional set of LED lights that can be used based on the driver’s preferences. Not just the front lights, the back lights or taillights have also been modified a little to make use of full-LED horizontal lighting system.

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Talking about the interior changes, the cabin has undergone a few and yet significant changes. The changes are primarily with respect to the materials, upholstery and trims used. An M4 owner can take his or her pick from three upholstery choices of midnight blue, ivory white and cognac. The trim choices have also changed accordingly and comprise the corresponding options of carbon aluminum, high gloss black and light fineline. All three trims feature pearl chrome strips that give them a classy look. Chrome electroplating is done on a few of the trims such as the ones on the air conditioning unit. For entertainment lovers, the good news is that changes have also been made to the built-in infotainment system in the BMW M4 to include a multifunctional instrument display and some new functions.

BMW M4 Facelift

In the engine department, there are no changes in the vehicle compared to the manufacturer’s other cars. The car has the usual straight-six engine that utilizes the standard 500 Nm torque and 425 horsepower. This allows you to travel a large distance of 0 to 100 km/h with acceleration in as less as four seconds. The same time frame can be achieved with the manual transmission as well. The maximum speed limit that the BMW M4 car has to offer is 280 km/h when the M Driver’s Package is used.

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