Google’s 2nd Gen Pixel XL Image: Low Bezel, AMOLED Screen in Squeezable Frame

Google Pixel XL camera

The image above is based on reliable information sources about Google’s 2017 Pixel XL, 2nd generation device.

It is codenamed ‘taimen’. It may not be the final design of the Pixel XL 2017, as the device will only be announced in October. There could be some changes in the device. However, the image does represent the general look of the upcoming Pixel XL 2nd gen smartphone.


 The design is similar to the 1st gen Google Pixel XL in some aspects. However, there are some differences as well. According to sources, the device is being manufactured by LG.

The curved rear is similar to the 1st gen Google Pixel XL devices, but the corners are sharper this time. The fingerprint scanner is found beneath the glass window, on the top edge of the device. The window is also smaller when compared to the one in last year’s model.

Google Pixel XL

Camera Details

 It is difficult to say whether the camera on the upcoming Google Pixel XL 2017 will be found in the glass window, as it was in last year’s device. However, the image shows a silver ring surrounding the lens cover. This shows that it could be sticking out a bit. The antenna band on the lower portion is gone, perhaps in order to blend it with the body color of the phone. There are no other antenna bands to be seen anywhere else on the phone. Maybe, it is just well hidden, as it may not be a phone without any bands.

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The Google Pixel XL 2017 will probably come with an AMOLED display of 6 inches, with an aspect ratio of 2:1. The corners will be rounded and the bezel will be limited. It looks more stylish and trendy, similar to the looks of the Galaxy S8 or the LG G6, due to the reduction of the bezel. The 3D effect of the glass on the phone is also more obvious. It is not a curved display, but a flat one.

There’s a speaker grille found on the top and a front facing shooter. As far as the headphone jack is concerned, there is no news on that front.

Basic Model Pixel

There is no news regarding the basic model of Google Pixel 2017. It will probably remain the same as the current Google Pixel. The XL version will show the cutting edge technological advances of the company, whereas the Google Pixel 2017 will just be an entry-level offering.

Google Pixel XL design

News on Pricing/Name/Date of Release

There is no news on the pricing or the date of release of the Google Pixel XL 2017. In fact, it is not even confirmed whether the upcoming device will be named as the Pixel XL. It is possible that the smartphone could be called Google Pixel 2 XL or some other variation, as these things get finalized closer to date of release.  There is no Google Pixel name branding on the device, so Google can take its time in naming it.

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