Google’s Fuchsia OS to Combine Android and Chrome OS into One

Google Chrome OS to Support Google Play and Android Apps

Google’s Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world, however, there have been talks of the company bringing together this mobile OS and its PC OS dubbed Chrome OS.

This has been seen as an ambitious move by the company as it looks to take on the likes of Microsoft and Apple, all of which have a mobile and PC OS. As for the former, things took a different turn with the release of Windows 10, where the company was determined to end any differences between its PC and mobile OS. In essence, Microsoft has managed to bring a uniform experience between Windows 10 PCs and mobile phones, something that Google is reportedly looking to borrow a leaf from with the introduction of a new OS dubbed Fuchsia.

According to the incoming reports, the new Fuchsia OS has a kernel known as Magenta that has been designed to work on practically all devices that are compatible – be it a small embedded device or a desktop. Furthermore, you will come across the Flutter UI framework, which is very friendly when it comes to the Material Design concept, as well as the company’s Dart programming language.

Chrome OS

Whether this Fuchsia OS will finally come to materialize is still unknown. It is possible that the OS, which can work on a variety of devices, will come in to replace both Android and Chrome OS, but at the same time keeping the special features from both platforms. Still, it is possible that this could just be another Google side project that may never come to materialize, just like many others in the past.

Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see how Google combines Android and Chrome OS into one unit that can be used to power smartphones, tablets, computers as well as wearables, among other gadgets. Note that this is not official, and like before, Google may come out to deny everything. But as for Fuchsia and its future, it is currently anyone’s guess.

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