How to Watch Instagram Stories via a Desktop Web Browser

Just recently, Facebook made an audacious move by debuting Instagram Stories, a feature that is synonymous to Snapchat Stories, a close rival of the social networking company as far as the U.S. market is concerned.

While this has caused a lot of waves, Facebook is not looking behind with the feature and in fact, users of Instagram can now get to enjoy the new Stories feature via their desktop web browser. This is a great thing to have on your desktop, especially if this is where you spend a huge chunk of your day. However, there is a trick involved in getting to watch Instagram Stories via a desktop web browser.

For starters, be warned that this workaround will only work if you are using Google Chrome as your desktop web browser. If this is not the case, you may have no option but to download and install this application – it’s free of charge. Once you have installed the Chrome web browser, go ahead and log in to your Instagram account via the browser. In case you didn’t know, the desktop version of Instagram comes with a few limitations – the first is that you cannot post photos from this application and the second is that Instagram Stories are not supported here as well.

Instagram Stories

But if viewing your own Instagram Stories and those of your friends from Google Chrome is on top of your list, here are some quick ways to enable this feature.

Check out for a Google Chrome extension known as Chrome IG Story. Download this application and then add it to Chrome by hitting the button at the top right corner of the open window. Once the extension is installed, go ahead and launch Instagram via the browser as usual. When inside the app, you will now see all Instagram Stories as they appear via the mobile app. All you need is to click on a Story of your choice and start watching.

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