Google’s Going to Invest Over $800 Million in LG for Pixel 2’s OLED Panels

Google Pixel 2

Google is going to go way beyond the call of duty and invest at least $880 million in LG’s display division.

It will allow the company to acquire the OLED panels required for their Pixel 2 smartphone.

The Pixel phones just got launched in 2016 and the manufacturer is already getting ready to launch the newest version of the phone for their eager customers. Despite being priced on par with the Samsung Galaxy phones and Apple iPhone, the Pixel still managed to offer a seamless Android experience and justified its price tag to become one of Google’s best selling smartphones right after the Pixel lineup.

Pixel phones

While the company claims that they have made the phone without giving the job to Asus or Huawei, they still need partnership to successfully launch the Pixel 2. According to latest updates, Google is going to invest millions of dollars, $880 million to be precise to upgrade the display division in LG. They will provide the OLED curved displays for their upcoming flagship smartphone.\

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LG is yet to officially accept the offer and when the company does so, there may be more investments to make in order to get the production done and delivered within a couple of months. Google I/O is going to take place once again in the third or fourth quarter of 2017 which is when the Pixel 2 smartphones is expected to be announced. In the previous Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, AMOLED panels supplied by Samsung was used but for some reason the company wants to switch service providers and go with a different company.

Both these companies are solid providers of amazing glass displays as they have proven in their own phones and many other third party brands. Apple has already signed up Samsung to supply OLED panels for the yet to be announced iPhone 8. Rumors claimed that they are bendable displays and will usher in a new era of technology for iPhones since the first one launched in 2007.

Google Pixel 2

While LG or Google has not made any official comments on the same, it won’t be long before the announcement is made. The Pixel 2 has gained great reputation because of the first model’s build quality, design and a premium feel that has been elusive for Android devices for a long time. Google is going to keep making expensive, high quality phones as they have completely ditched the Nexus lineup – both smartphones and tablets much to the dismay of buyers who loved these budget devices.