Google’s Pixel Camera Flawed – Users are Angry – Google to Offer a Software Fix Soon

Google Pixel

Though the Pixel cameras are topping the benchmarks with great reviews, some have reported issues related to the hardware of the devices.

Lens Fare Problem

The lens flare caused the issue, which is the usual one faced by lens designers. The problem occurs when the camera is pointed towards the Sun or some bright light. This results in making the image hazy, as the light scatters away minor lens imperfections. On the other hand, when the light bounces in between separate lens elements, it might result in a dramatic circle or arc and the reflections will be seen in the final image taken. It is the latter problem that is affecting the Pixel cameras.

Google Pixel Camera Flawed

Some of the users of the Pixel cameras have stated that a bright arc or some other artifact encroached the frame, which also can be traced back to the problem of lens flare.

Using the Hood

The lens hood can be used for controlling the problem, but some designers attempt to minimize the problem by coating the lens surfaces with specialist coatings and using expensive glass. However, a lens hood that protrudes would not be aesthetically acceptable and it is not economically viable to use anything other than a cheap plastic lens.

Google’s Answer to the Issue

Google is Not going to replace the camera component or even fit a hood on the lens. However, the company does offer solutions in the form of a software fix that is soon to be released. The fix will eliminate the problem of lens flare. The official forums of products of Google shows an employee of the company, IsaacOnCamera, saying that the fix will be added to the HDR+ mode of the camera and will offer a solution to this particular lens flare problem.

Software Fix

According to IsaacOnCamera, users can expect the fix or update within a few weeks and it will offer improvement to the problem. He also stated that the company is working out a few algorithms for recognizing the arc flares and characterizing it mathematically. These will then be subtracted from the image. However, the user must use the HDR+ in order to see the benefits accruing from the new software update. He has also offered an assurance to all users saying that after this software update the problem will be fixed and there is no need of replacing the devices.

Is it enough?

However, some of the users in the same forum thread are not convinced that the solution is sufficient. They claim that there is some other kinds of flare as well on the Pixel camera and these will not get coverage with the upcoming fix. These are flares that were not present on the previous Nexus 6P mobile sets. Some of the users seem to be very concerned from their statements seen on the forum and some are asking the company to issue recalls for the devices.

Google Pixel

Temporary Solution

If you notice too much lens flare from the Pixel cameras, you can use the hand as a hood for the lens in order to prevent light from shining over the lens front, as a temporary solution.

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