iPhone 7 Plus Camera Offers Faux 3D Images using the iOS App ProCam 4 – Producing a Pseudo3D Image Effect

iPhone 7 Plus

The camera on the iPhone 7 Plus offers 3D image capabilities using the iOS App, ProCam 4.

The camera on the 7 Plus model comes with additional features that are not present on the 4.7 inches basic model. The ProCam 4 8.0.2 was first released on the 19th of September and offers support for the iPhone 7 Plus. With the update on September 29th, the new faux 3D shooting mode has been brought on for the iPhone 7 Plus. The amazing aspect of these wigglegrams, as they are called, is that the resulting picture is a high resolution GIF animation, which looks amazing.

iPhone 7 Plus

ProCam 4

The ProCam 4 is a third party application for cameras that can be used on the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual cameras creating images similar to 3D. It is known as wigglegrams and it works by taking advantage of the small difference in the perspective of the two lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus. This results in creating stereoscopic images. The iPhone 7 Plus does not have 3D displaying features, so the effect is offered by a rapid alternation from the left to the right image and vice versa. This produces the illusion of a little movement and tricks the viewer’s brain into seeing the picture as a 3D one.

This is not an entirely new concept, as there are many examples of this seen all over the web on Instagram, Giphy and so on.

How the App Works

The application, ProCam4, works with minimal intervention by users. When the user clicks on the shutter, he or she can view two photos that overlap each other and are displayed at the same time on the screen. The user has to align the two photos manually, merely by dragging one photo over the other, till the main subject of the picture is aligned in the two pictures. This will result in the main subject of the wigglegram remaining still, whereas the background or other objects in the background will move from one side to the other with the wiggling of the wigglegram.

App Options

The app, ProCam4, offers users the option of saving the wigglegram in the form of a Video+ GIF or JPEG + GIF or just a GIF. You can then share it on various platforms with the 3D illusion.

Wielding the Dual Camera

The app is an advanced application exclusively for the iOS and offers photo and video features. It has been newly updated for supporting the 7 Plus iPhone and its camera, the iSight Duo. Users can find support when they switch from the wide angle to the telephoto lens and vice versa. They can also find a 3D photos mode using this app. The 3D mode allows the user to wield the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus to take wigglegram pictures or false 3D pictures and save them in the form of a video or a GIF animation image.

ProCam 4 iPhone 7 Plus

Decent Wigglegram

However, in order to take good wigglegrams pictures, you need a lot of light and there must be a minimum of two feet distance between subject and camera. According to ProCam, it works best on portraits, though any subject can be turned into a good wigglegram.

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