Google’s YouTube TV brings Live TV Streaming for $35 a Month

YouTube TV

Google has recently confirmed that more than one billion hours of video is watched by YouTubers on a single day. Given this huge traffic, the search engine giant now wants to make some real money by spicing up the platform with a new YouTube TV service.

While the likes of YouTube Red are already making money for the company through subscriptions, the new YouTube TV service is another subscription-based service that aims to bring more than 40 TV networks to your Android and iOS devices as well as Chromecasts and Chromecast-supported TVs. This is a huge move by the company, especially since this whole package will cost users just $35 per month.

You’ll need a stable internet connection in order to bring YouTube TV to life, but since 4G LTE connectivity is just about everywhere in the country, this shouldn’t be a problem for those who fancy this internet-based television. Local channels such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CW and even sports channels such as ESPN, Golf and many others, including cable networks, will be available.

YouTube TV

Google says that this YouTube TV service will not be ready to launch until later this year, but the specific date is not yet known. Those in major U.S. cities will be first to receive the service and later on it will expand to other regions. So far, there’s still no mention of the prospects of the service making it to other markets across the globe.

There are a number of perks that this YouTube TV service brings. For instance, since it is an internet-based TV service, it has been accompanied by a cloud DVR that is not limited to storage space. You can record live TV for as long as you wish – simultaneously. These recordings will then be stored online for easy access, but they will be no more after 9 months of existence. You also get YouTube Red Originals with a YouTube TV membership, but not Google Play Music membership.

To find out when Google will launch YouTube TV in your market, you can sign up at

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