GoPro to Launch a New VR Camera and Online Streaming Tools

GoPro Omni VR Camera

GoPro is known for its quality camera technology and with the world of virtual reality proving to be the future; this company is making its way into this field with some amazing products.

As major tech companies fight for a place in the VR industry as far as hardware and software are concerned, GoPro will join in with a new VR camera as well as an online platform that will allow lovers of VR to enjoy this technology. These products were announced this week during the National Association of Broadcasters event currently ongoing in Las Vegas and ends on Thursday this week. With the new VR online platform, users will be able to share immersive videos right from their devices, which is a cool way to get ready for the massive audience that is expected to jump into the VR world.

The GoPro Omni VR camera

The new GoPro Omni VR camera was the first to be showcased at this event then later on followed by the online tools for sharing VR content. As far as the new products are concerned, the Omni GoPro camera packs six synchronized Hero4 cameras that are termed by the company as a spherical array, however, a look at the camera’s design reveals a rounded square shape. According to GoPro, the six Hero4 cameras inside the Omni VR camera are made of action shots and allow users to make 8K video recordings.

In order to get yourself a complete GoPro Omni VR camera, you will have to part with at least $5000.

GoPro VR online platform

Another product that GoPro will be launching this week is the GoPro VR online platform. This is a platform that will be used to showcase VR content on both Android and iOS devices. With this app, users from all over the world will be able to access and share VR content for free.

GoPro Omni VR Camera

Of course, competition is always there. But it remains to be seen whether this time things will get tougher, especially given that VR-based gadgets tend to attract enthusiasts of the niche and nothing more. Still, GoPro might have an upper hand with its focus on outdoor activities as well as mainstream footprint, things that could prove vital for its VR content-sharing platform.

The GoPro Omni VR camera is currently announced and preorders will go live on the official GoPro website beginning today Monday.


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