Grammy Awards 2016 Trophies to Come Preinstalled with GoPro Action Camera

Grammy awards

The 2016 Grammy Awards will be massive as the Recording Academy wants to ensure that you don’t miss a thing about how the winning artists react upon receiving the prestigious award.

The organization behind this event wants to bring the event close enough to you so that as the artists receive their golden gramophones, you can get a better glimpse of what their faces look like. The iconic award for the top performing artists in the music industry will reportedly be fit with a GoPro action camera. This camera will be tasked with streaming the live action as the winner walks to stage to collect his or her award statue. The footage will also cover the artists addressing the audience during the upcoming event, Fast Company can confirm.

The disassembled GoPro camera, which has also been baptized Grammycam, has been hidden in the base of the statue. As mentioned earlier, the footage of the camera will be streaming live and wirelessly, with the broadcast being available online via the Grammy Live Stream.

More than 7.5 million people expected to tune in

Last year, Fast Company reveals that about 7.5 million people were able to tune in to the Grammy Awards ceremony and watch the show live via the streaming service. Starting Monday night next week, this year’s event will kick off and according to the company; it expects the online audience to be even much higher than last year’s.

Once tuned in, online viewers will also be in a position to catch live and close-up video footage of the potential award winners, for instance, Kendrick Lamar, the man who has received up to 11 nominations as this year’s Grammy Awards event garners up.

Someone might be thinking, will the winners be getting the Grammycam as an extra to the award statue collected? Well, this seems not to be the case as Fast Company further notes that the GoPro action camera will not be taken home along with the Grammy award. This is true because the artists will receive their own engraved awards statues in the backstage.

Kendrick Lamar shone in last year’s event and he is expected to shine even further in next week’s Grammys. Already boasting massive 11 nominations, he, alongside other Universal Media Group artists such as Taylor Swift and Abel Tesfaye, are expected to win big during the event.

As mentioned before, this year’s Grammy Awards event will be aired live on CBS beginning 8 PM EST on Monday and it will be available online as well.

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