Samsung Playing Catch-up to Apple in U.S. Smartphone Sales

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S

Samsung is renowned as the leading smartphone seller in the world. However, when it comes to the United States, latest smartphone share figures released by Parks Associates say that Apple is still leading the way.

The research firm adds that Apple currently holds a major share in the market, boasting a solid 40% market share. The same reports also reveal that Samsung has begun picking pace in the same market, boasting a massive 31% of the total smartphone market share. LG, on the other hand, comes in with about 10% of the market share.

The past two years have seen Apple release iPhone 6 and 6S alongside the Plus models. These devices have been hailed as the most prestigious smartphones to have, boasting superior performances, design as well as features when compared to Android devices. To match the competition, Samsung also unveiled Galaxy S5 in 2014 and in 2015 came in with a different variation known as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge alongside the usual and expected flagship Samsung Galaxy S6. Last year’s models were identified as one of the best designs of the year, save for the great capabilities they come with under the hood.

LG has been on the decline in recent years but it has started shaking things up a little bit. Last year it unveiled the LG G4 and added another magnificent device in the shape of LG V10. With a new LG G5 expected in about 10 days, things might get a little bit tougher for Apple.

While LG is still miles away, it is clear that Samsung is the Android OEM to beat in the U.S. However, the former is still far ahead of other players such as HTC and Motorola as well as latest entrants that include OnePlus and Huawei, just to name but a few.

Samsung and Apple

Android OS still leads the way in terms of numbers

Even though Apple holds the lead when it comes to the number of smartphone sales in the U.S., it still lags behind Google’s Android OS when it comes to numbers. All of the other mentioned smartphone OEMs use Android OS and Apple uses its own iOS. This is why Android platform has more numbers (60% of the entire market) than Apple’s iOS.

Samsung still leads in global stats

Apple leads the way in the U.S., but it is nowhere near Samsung when it comes to global smartphone sales. According to stats released by research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung has a market share of 23.7% while Apple has 13.6%. China’s Huawei comes in at third with 7.5% while Lenovo – which currently owns Motorola – and Xiaomi come in at fourth and fifth with 5.3% and 5% respectively.

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