Grand Theft Auto 5 Gen-Next Version: These Are The Standout Features Of The Game

The next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto, which was released recently, boasts of a variety of important changes brought about by Rockstar Games.

Some visual details, in particular, have stood out and have managed to impress GTA fans who were waiting for the arrival of this version for a long time. While some players have tried out the new version already, there are many who have not experienced it yet.

The next-gen upgrade features several in-game features including brand new cars that boast great speed, refurbished menus and 4K cut-scenes. As soon as you start playing the game, you will see a new menu pop up on the screen. This menu gives players the option to choose between Online Mode and Story Mode. The introductory cut-scene of the Online Mode has been upgraded and when players see it, they will realize a major update has been carried out.

Refurbished Menus

If a player opts for the online mode, they will get two options to choose from. They can either move their character from the older version or put together a new character with the help of the career builder mode found in GTA Online. If you migrate your character to the new-gen version, it will no longer be a part of the old-gen version. The career builder mode will offer multiple choices to the player to alter their character’s creation. They will also be given 4 million dollars to embark upon a new journey with the newly created character.


In the same mode, players will get multiple bundles to choose from. These bundles will comprise a variety of items including houses, businesses, cars and weapons. Apart from getting the freedom to choose their bundle, players will have the opportunity to select their path as well. They can use the 4 million dollar allowance to buy these bundles.

GTA 5 loading time

As far as loading time is concerned, the game has received a major upgrade there as well. This particular update has brought a noticeable improvement in the game. By using the new SSD, one can load the Story and Online modes much faster. Now, players are expected to be more involved in the game courtesy of the uninterrupted gameplay. There is another new feature that enables players to join Invite Only sessions in Grand Theft Auto Online. There wasn’t an option to do this in the earlier version.

Brand New Cars

New cars, that are exclusive to this platform, have been added too. On the Xbox Series X/S, you have to pay $1,720,000 to get the Pfizer Astron Custom SUV. On the same platform, the Coil Cyclone II is available for $2,250,000 and the Imponte Arbiter GT is priced at $1,580,000.

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