The Sims 4: The Upcoming DLC Kit To Focus on Decorating


Electronic Arts and Maxis have shared details about the upcoming Sims 4 Kit DLC that is all set to be launched in April.

It will be called the Décor to the Max kit and will comprise a large number of decorative pieces. The developers are expecting this kit to be lapped up by players who love the vibrancy and exuberant decoration. Going by the picture, this kit might not appeal to those who prefer minimalism but one expects the developers to know that already.

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Those who play the Sims 4 on PC and consoles will get to try out the kit on March 21. Some of the many decorative items that it will have are showy furniture, vivacious wallpapers and knick-knacks. Kits have often been defined as the tiniest model of DLC that is put together for the simulation game. However, those who underestimate them because of their pricing or size, often get surprised by the amount of content they offer.

Though Electronic Arts have shared just one image so far, it gives one a fair idea about the fact that the content of the Kit is not going to be subtle. Most of the pieces in the picture are the kind that many would describe as being ‘over-decorated’. The pieces, which one sees in the picture, feature bold and vibrant colors and unconventional patterns.

As of now, EA has not released any confirmation about the price of the Kit, there are reports about Décor to the Max being priced at £4.99. Most kits on the Sims 4 are offered in a similar bracket.

In February, the developers launched a new game pack called My Wedding Stories. This particular DLC featured some interesting wedding-themed content, new characters and the much-talked-about same-sex couple Dominique and Camille.

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Electronic Arts had, initially, decided not to launch this Kit in Russia owing to certain laws in the country that were not gay-friendly. However, the gaming publisher changed its stance and on February 17, made an announcement about the fact that My Wedding Stories would be released in Russia.

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