GTA 5 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S Ray-Tracing Patch Released

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has now made ray tracing available on both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

This has been launched as a part of the 1.64 updates of the game that was rolled out recently. Players can download it now.

The patch marks the arrival of ray-traced reflections when a player tries out the game using the 30fps Fidelity Mode. Because of this patch, details like characters and vehicles can be seen on reflective surfaces like water and windows.

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When you fly a helicopter closer to a skyscraper, you can see a reflection in the glass. When you observe the Las Santos waterfront carefully, you can see many reflections floating around in it. Ray-traced reflections will definitely keep players amused for some time.

Apart from the patch, the update has brought in a lot of other interesting content for players. This was one update players had been waiting to arrive for a long time. Going by the response received so far, players are quite happy with all that has been offered to them. While the patch has been the highlight of this update, players have been exploring other content too.

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The six new story missions have greatly excited the fans. These missions feature the popular character Ron and the Fooligan faction, which has been quite aggressive as far as pushing forward the drug distribution space.

There has also been the arrival of a brand new social space that serves as the platform for the new storyline. Certain facilities have been provided to power a mobile acid lab. Fooligans have been provided with fresh new jobs. Players have also been excited by the launch of eight new vehicles.

This update is actually the first of the many narrative dollops that are slated to be released in the weeks to come. All of them would revolve around the Drug Wars storyline. Another important update, along similar lines, is expected to be launched early next year. From what one has heard so far, next year is going to be quite exciting for GTA Online fans with many updates and launched being planned by Rockstar Games for this property.

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