Grand Theft Auto 5 Reintroduced a Much-Loved Campaign Character


A new DLC, which has been introduced in Grand Theft Auto 5, implores players to do something significant and make their presence felt in the psychedelic trade of Los Santos.

Fans, who have enjoyed the game for a very long time, can also look forward to one of the most popular faces of the sandbox making their comeback to the GTA universe.

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This particular character is none other than Ron. The popular character made an appearance in the single-player track in GTA 5. Many players might still feel a little disappointed about Michael not coming back to the game. However, by bringing back Ron, the developers have made one feel hopeful about a bunch of other popular characters being reintroduced in the game sometime in the near future.

gta dlc

The newest GTA 5 DLC, which has been titled Los Santos Drug Wars, is slated to be released on December 13. Rockstar Games, perhaps, wanted the release date to be closer to the festive season. The developing team has already confirmed that this DLC would be the ‘first chapter’ in a ‘two-part story update’.

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The drug war centers in Los Santos largely deal in hallucinogens. When you take certain steps to get an edge over your competition in the trade, you will be faced with a variety of challenges. One of your most important tasks would be to drive away “wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers”. By doing this, you will stand a chance to have your name immortalized in the history books of Los Santos.

The arrival of a new GTA DLC would surely cheer up fans who have been upset about Rockstar not sharing any official update about GTA 6. With the launch of this DLC, fans would have something interesting to look forward to.

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