Grand Theft Auto 6 Insider Offers New Update On Rockstar Games’ Developmental Issues

GTA 6 concept maps

A prominent GTA insider has offered an important update about the developmental process of Grand Theft Auto 6.

In February, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on the next game in the GTA franchise. However, it has not shared any update about the game since then. Rockstar Games is known to be very secretive about its game development processes and it seems to be following a similar strategy for GTA 6 as well. In such a scenario, fans get very excited whenever a leaker or an insider comes up with any information about the game.

As per Tom Henderson, a well-known industry insider, Rockstar Games is facing some ‘turbulence’ in the development process of GTA 6 at the moment. Before you jump to any conclusion and get worried about the future of the game, you must know that the reasons behind the issues the gaming publisher is facing are not very grave. Just like any other gaming publisher, Rockstar Games has faced a variety of issues owing to the Covid-19 crisis.

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The company had to let go of some of its employees and take other measures to control costs. All this has had a direct impact on the speed at which GTA 6 is being developed. Rockstar Games seems to be working towards fixing these issues. The gaming publisher could also seek solace in the fact that most gaming companies are going through a similar set of problems.

While letting the fans know about the turbulent state of affairs Rockstar Games, Henderson has asserted that the company will come out of this situation pretty soon. He has also ensured fans by stating that the development process of GTA 6 will gather momentum soon. According to Henderson, GTA 6 will either release in 2024 or 2025. This is the release window that many other insiders have indicated towards.

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