Grand Theft Auto 6: Leaker Shares New Information About The Much-Anticipated Game

GTA 6 concept maps

Though Grand Theft Auto 6 was confirmed in February this year by Rockstar Games,

The game has been spoken about and discussed extensively for a very long time now. Since early 2021, multiple leakers have a bunch of information about the game. The things shared by them have contributed to shaping fans’ expectations from the game.

Now, prominent leaker Matheus Victor has shared some information about the game which is bound to create some buzz in the online communities of GTA fans. Apart from revealing the possible plot of the game, the leaker has also shared pertinent information about the location and timeline of the game.

As per the information shared by Victor, GTA 6 will feature a brother-sister duo as the main protagonists. The duo, according to the leaker, will face separation after the culmination of the prologue of the game.

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Victor has also stated that the game’s prologue will be set in the year 2023. The introduction of the protagonists will be accompanied by a showcase that will offer a glimpse into the events which led the cartels to eliminate their parents in Brazil. Most of the game is expected to be set in the current times.

After getting separated, the siblings will go through different kinds of challenges in their lives and shall meet again as adults. While the brother will assume his responsibilities as a DOA agent, the sister becomes a part of the cartel with the motive of taking revenge for her parent’s death. She will be working as a hitwoman for the cartel and wait for the right moment to make them pay for their actions.

There were rumors about GTA 6 being set in an earlier decade. While some leakers stated that the game would be set in the 70s, there were many who believed it would have a 90s setting. Matheus Victor has asserted that there is no truth to these claims. Talking about the locations, he said that Carcer City, Cuba, Vice City and Columbia will be some of the locations players can look forward to seeing in the game.

Victor has said that, contrary to popular notion, the game’s narrative will not cover multiple decades. According to the leaker, Rockstar Games’ focus is to improve the features and overall gameplay of the game. Destructible buildings are one of the interesting features that players can look forward to in the game.

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While Carcer City has not really made an appearance in the GTA games, it has been referred to several times. If Vice City turns out to be one of the locations in GTA 6, it will be the fictional city’s debut in the HD universe. Matheus has also dropped hints about certain futuristic vehicles appearing in the game. He has confidently asserted that the game will be officially released in 2024.

Matheusvictorbr- (@Matheusbr9895_) has been quite consistent when it comes to revealing information about GTA 6. While none of the information shared by him has received official confirmation, his leaks definitely contribute to pumping up the excitement of fans.

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