Grand Theft Auto 6: Leaker Provides Information On Release Window


It has been almost a decade since Rockstar Games had been benefitting from the popularity of Grand Theft Auto 5.

On March 15, the gaming publisher is all set to release GTA 5 and GTA Online to new consoles. While the company has not shifted its focus away from GTA 5, it is also working actively towards developing Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Till now, the only thing Rockstar Games has confirmed about GTA 6 is the fact that it is being developed. Leakers and insiders, however, have gone on overdrive and have been making claims about the game at regular intervals. One of the most widespread claims about the game has been that it will be set in Vice City. Another popular rumor is that the game will feature a male and a female protagonist.

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The most recent rumor about the game is about its development progress and release date. Leaker Chris Klippel, who is credited with leaking a lot of credible information about games distributed by Rockstar Games in the past, has stated that there is a strong chance of GTA 6 being unveiled towards the end of 2022. The leaker also asserted that the development process is happening at a good pace and fans wouldn’t have to wait for a long time to experience the game.

Klipper is of the firm belief that fans can expect GTA 6 to release in the final quarter of 2024. With the kind of scale the game is being mounted at, fans weren’t anyways expecting it to arrive before the aforementioned date. The information shared by Klippel is in line with the kind of expectations fans have from the game in terms of its development speed and release date. In the past, there have been delays with the games churned out by Rockstar Games but if Klippel is to be believed, GTA 6 will have a smooth release.

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