Grand Theft Auto Online Players Stand To Win $250k On Hao’s Special Works Time Trials

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players have been celebrating the arrival of the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto Online on the consoles.

The game, as one can assert from the response received so far, has matched up to the kind of expectations fans had from it. Apart from the stunning visuals, Hao’s Special Works or HSW has received a lot of appreciation.

The HSW vehicle workshop, which can be found inside the LS Car meet, gives players the opportunity to upgrade certain cars and bring out some improvement in their performance. The workshop also gives players the chance to take some of the HSW cars on a test drive before making the final purchase.

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HSW Time Trials, the new vehicle workshop in the game, enables players to make several additions to their cars. Once the HSW conversion is through, a couple of cars feature a new bar that enables players to increase their acceleration. Here, the focus is on speed and you get to know when you participate in the workshop.

Once players log into GTA Online, they will get a call from Hao.

He asks gamers to try out an exhibition lap on a specialized vehicle named HSW-Spec GrottiTurismo Classic. As per Hao, the vehicle has been prepared to deliver high-end speed. This is the first thing gamers are asked to do when they decide to participate in HSW Time Trials. Once players complete this test, they get to experience the next HSW car transformation for free.

Post this introductory Time Trial, players will see a blip on the map. The blip will be titled HSW Time Trial and would feature the ‘H’ logo along with a stopwatch. Players will be able to start the race once they reach the blip. Every week, there will be a different Time Trial and those who complete them will earn a profit amounting to $250,000.

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This is a huge sum by all means and should get a large number of players to participate in the HSW Time Trials. Till now, it has not been found out whether this is base prize money or an introductory bonus.

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