Grand Theft Auto V: Fans Stumble Upon Some Shocking Information


Grand Theft Auto V fans have stumbled upon a piece of very peculiar information about Rockstar Games’ version of the United States.

For the uninitiated, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, two of the most popular titles by Rockstar Games, are set in locations that closely resemble the United States.

A couple of games like Midnight Club and LA Noire are set in real cities but the developing team of the aforementioned games features fictional places that are closely modeled on American cities. This has been done to take a dig at the various issues and cultural stereotypes in the country. While Liberty City has been modeled on New York City, California serves as the inspiration for San Andreas. Many elements of Florida can be found in Vice City.

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Recently, Reddit user Yoni1857/ came across a map of the US put up in a barbershop in Grand Theft Auto V. What was strange about the map is the fact that it didn’t feature Florida. Though Vice City is a fictional city, Grand Theft Auto does feature Florida. Therefore, it should have been featured on the map. The fact that it doesn’t is baffling for sure.

Some fans are of the opinion that Rockstar Games has intentionally excluded Florida from the map and that, in a way, serves as an indication of where the next edition of the game could be set in. At the moment, it is difficult to comprehend what this means. However, it has given rise to many speculations for sure. For all one knows, it could be an oversight by the team.

Umm guys, bad news. According to this world map from a barbershop in GTA V there is no Florida in the HD universe. from GTA

For a long time now, there have been strong rumors about Vice City being the chosen location for Grand Theft Auto VI. While sharing the aforementioned piece of information, Yoni1857/ put across another interesting theory. According to him, hyper-commercialization of the area could have led to Florida facing the extreme effects of global warming and submerging underwater. Since the various worlds in the universe of Rockstar Games are far removed landmasses, it is difficult for players to explore the various locations beyond a particular point.

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