Grand Theft Auto V Next-Gen Version Gets A Bunch Of Good Updates

Rockstar Games

Very discreetly, Rockstar Games introduced some patches to Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

The gaming publisher brought in a bunch of small but extremely useful changes to the next-gen version of the game which has been around for almost a decade now. Some players have also witnessed a couple of new files being included in the game’s PC version. This strongly indicates that the next-gen improvements will be rolled out soon.

On Rockstar Games’ official website, an official list featuring patch notes was published recently. Players themselves have observed some of the massive changes being brought to the game. Earlier, you didn’t have the option of turning off the motion blur but now you do. When you are participating in an Xbox party, the music doesn’t get muted. For camouflaging activities on the map, you get a bunch of new options now. In the Xbox Series X|S version, you can spot fixed car shadows. Now, Night Club earnings get a boost on both the console and the PC.

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For some, getting the opportunity to turn off the motion blur might not be a big deal but it is important for all those players who have been asking for it ever since new-gen consoles refreshed the game last month. A recently posted video by YouTuberGTAmen makes it evident that the car rides now look much sharper.

Players, however, are still waiting to know when the latest upgrades made to GTA V will arrive on PC. Though the new file updates make one believe that a major update is scheduled to be launched soon, Rockstar Games has not uttered a word on it. Recently, a bunch of PC players stated that the latest patch might have caused some interference in specific mod compatibility.

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GTA V is currently available to be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Since GTA Online is available for free till June 14 on PlayStation, the complete next-gen package is available for $10 less than its original price.

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