Grotti Turismo Classic Features in Next-Generation Grand Theft Auto Online


The Expanded and Enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto Online has just been released and it offers a lot of surprises to fans.

Apart from featuring a variety of visual upgrades, it has also brought in a lot of fresh content. Among other things, a special vehicle workshop titled Hao’s Special Works (HSW) has been included in the next-gen version. This particular workshop is available only on this version that has been launched on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XIS.

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Fans have been elated to see five new cars being launched exclusively for this edition. The performance upgrades offered by HSW can be applied to many of the existing vehicles as well. The very stylish Grotti Turismo Classic, which features in this edition, can be upgraded too.

Grotti Turismo

As soon as players log into the game, they will get a special call from Hao. As the new version of the game features the HSW workshop, Hao expects it to be promoted. Gamers will be requested to take a time-trial or an exhibition lap in a vehiclethat has been modded for this particular event. As soon as the gamers enter the garage area, the HSW Grotti TurismoClassic shall be revealed for the very first time.

There is no complexity involved in the race and players can finish it within a stipulated time without facing any difficulty. The race also helps players get a good idea about the car and the various features and specifications it has. After completing the race, players will get access to the next HSW upgrade for free. At the moment, the game features nine vehicles in it. Out of this, five are brand new cars and four are vehicles that have existed in the game from a long time. The Grotti Turismo Classic is definitely one of the most coveted cars on the list.

Grotti Turismo car

It is important to remember that Hao’s Special Works mod shop focuses on performance mods and doesn’t really offer cosmetic upgrades. Therefore, this particular conversion should be seen differently from Benny’s Customs. If you wish to buy the stock car, you can acquire it from the website of Legendary Motorsport for a sum of $705,000.

The Grotti Turismo Classic HSW conversion is priced at GTA$ 897,000.While this is not a small amount by any means, there have been more expensive HSW upgrades. Once you apply the HSW upgrade to the car, its acceleration increases by leaps and bounds. Taking this update into account, it can be described as one of the fastest cars in the game.

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The performance upgrade of the Grotti Turismo Classic can be divided into different parts. While the HSW Engine Tune upgrade costs $60,000, the HSW Suspension upgrade is priced at $7,500. For the HSW Transmission upgrade, you will have to shell out $50,000 and the HSW brakes upgrade is valued at $60,000. The most expensive upgrade is the HSW Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade which is priced at $100,000.

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