Call of Duty: Warzone Reloaded Content For Season 2 Revealed

COD Warzone 2

One of the factors that have contributed greatly to the success of Call of Duty: Warzone is the fact that the game has been updated by the publisher regularly.

Whenever a bug or glitch was found to exist in the game, it was fixed by the developers immediately. Apart from that, Activision also ensured that the game got provided with new content at periodic intervals. Because of this, the game has grown steadily ever since it was launched in 2020.

In the last several months, one has seen the developing team of Call of Duty: Warzone following a particular pattern as far as rolling out updates is concerned. After releasing a new season for the game, the team launched a ‘Reloaded’ mid-season update that, apart from resolving issues with the game, added fresh content to the game as well. Season Two’s Reloaded update, which was keenly being looked forward to by fans, has been finally released. It features lots of fresh and exciting content for the multiplayer mode and the game’s Warzone aspect.

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For the majority of the players, the most exciting part of the update is the Rebirth Island map. Titled Rebirth Reinforced, the map has been reworked by developer Raven Software. The developer has modified several important parts including Stronghold and has also put together a new area named Dock. Some of the other highlights of the map includewarm blue skies that have a dreamy appeal to them. Players will also observe certain structures and objects being placed differently in Stronghold. There will also be docked ships stocked with supply houses and other items.

Call of Duty warzone season 2

Apart from witnessing a renovated Rebirth Island, one will also get to use three new game modes in the form of Rebirth Payload, Rebirth Resurgence Solos and Rebirth Blood Money. Resurgence Solos can be best described as a death match that gives players the opportunity to revive themselves one time after encountering death. They can do this before the time comes for them to increase their score through contracts and kills. Blood Money has many similarities to Plunder and Payload happens to be a 12V12 mode in which you will see operators making attempts to ensure that a payload does not reach the end of a particular route.

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Season Two Reloaded features a new operator for both Warzone and Vanguard players to play around with and unlock. Gustavo Dos Santos, who is a key member and participant of Task Force Yeti, is a combat specialist who is very good at handling the additional weapon that is all set to arrive with the Armaguerra43:SMG. This specialized weapon boasts a great firing range and fires shots rapidly.

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