GTA 5 Biker DLC is 2 GB, Adds New Bikers, Costumes and Online Modes

Biker DLC for GTA 5

Rockstar has officially launched the Biker DLC for GTA 5 and it further expands the amazing universe of Los Santos with some new entrants.

The original game got launched almost two years ago on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 consoles. Rockstar later brought it to the PS4, Xbox One before finally releasing the best version of GTA V yet on PCs. It was easily worth the wait as the game brought 4K resolution, first person mode and many other interesting additions.

GTA 5 Biker DLC

Online mode is an important aspect of Grand Theft Auto V including modes like heists. But, for a long time, developer Rockstar didn’t roll out any updates. The bikers DLC is the first launch in a long time and we really hope it is up to the hype. The free expansion pack is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The total size of the update is just 2 gigabytes and shouldn’t be tough to download for most.

The game will automatically download the DLC based on the region you live in. According to the post made by the developers, it is available everywhere by now. The Bikers DLC allow players to create their own motorcycle club. There will be plenty of new players ready to join your group and once they do, you have to go on doing multiple missions and help create a reputation for the club.

Harley Davidson bikes are easily the most loved choice for such bikers and GTA 5 beautifully incorporates that concept into the DLC. Rockstar confirmed that there will be brand new competitive and cooperative online modes to explore. The developers for some reason didn’t list out the modes available in the game. You should probably download the update and check what they have to offer. We will bring more details of the DLC as and when it becomes available. Let’s just assume it may not require any patches and is a finished product.

Biker DLC for GTA 5

A couple of images from the expansion pack has been released online. It confirmed that GTA 5 characters will get new costumes, bikes and the ability to become the president of a prominent biker club. It is not easy to reach the position as you may have to complete a lot of missions and achieve goals so that the team chooses you as their president.

MC Clubhouse also has a dedicated bike mechanic who will help players tweak their vehicles. A single player DLC is also under development, according to a statement made by Rockstar.

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