GTA 5 Gets Biker DLC, Rockstar Confirms Release Date

GTA 5 biker

Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 5 will receive a new Bikers DLC and has released some cool screenshots for the content.

The Bikers DLC is long rumored and was supposed to have arrived months earlier. GTA V witnessed immense success on all platforms and had a noteworthy online mode. The heist mode among many other additions kept players glued to the multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto 5. However, the novelty soon wore off with no new content in sight. Rockstar even promised to release an expansion pack for the single player campaign but they didn’t.

GTA 5 Biker DLC

After a break, the developers are back and this time they have an amazing downloadable pack that could offer you hours of unlimited fun. The Bikers is a free update and will automatically be downloaded to your PC on October 4th. It will be part of the GTA Online pack and brings a whole lot of new content to look forward to.

The free DLC includes costumes, vehicles, weapons, new activities and more importantly co-operative as well as competitive gameplay modes. We assume the mode will be similar to the one found in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City in which a lead character is a bike and will go around fighting with other gangs.

When you create a DLC designed around the world of motorbike riders, it obviously leads to gang wars and GTA 5 is all about fighting for your area. Rockstar has revealed a couple of screenshots to show how it could look like but they didn’t reveal other details.

In an earlier update, it was confirmed that Rockstar has halted production of GTA 6 so that they could focus on porting Red Dead Redemption as well as get updates ready for GTA 5. The team is going to focus more on current generation games after which they plan to move on to the grand new title that could probably include a virtual reality mode.GTA 5 biker

There is no word on the company’s plans to develop more free updates and roll them out for the title that helped them make more than a billion in revenue. The launch was split between previous generation and current gen consoles while PC gamers were the last to receive the game. New features like first person mode, higher resolution and frame rates ensured PCs got the best version of GTA 5. You could probably make it look even better with the Redux mod.

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