Renault-Nissan Partner with Microsoft to Revolutionize the Automotive Industry

Renault Nissan Partner with Microsoft

The automakers from around the world are working hard constantly to transform and make new innovations for the future of the automobile industry.

They all visualize the commuters traveling in self-governing, independent vehicles that are power-driven by electricity with a zero percent emission of harmful substances. Keeping these envisions in mind, the alliance group Renault-Nissan has collaborated with the tech giant Microsoft, so that they can together work on new technologies which will help in designing and developing smart vehicles for the future. A multi-year contract has been signed by the companies to develop the technology for the prospective automobile industry.

Renault Nissan Partner with Microsoft

Both the companies will be working together with an agenda to develop connected services with next-generation technologies for the cars that will be brain-powered by Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based service. Microsoft Azure is a verified, safe, global cloud platform, which will now allow Renault-Nissan to deliver its services to their broad customer base from around the world. The advanced and brand-new services will now improve the experience of the customers by providing contemporary navigation, anticipated maintenance and services that are vehicle-centric, out-of-the-way monitoring of the car features, and various software updates.

Word from the Renault-Nissan Officials

The Senior Vice President of Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services, Renault-Nissan Alliance, addressed the press saying that the partnership with Microsoft will allow the automaker to ramp up the development of the relevant key technologies, which are required to enable sketches for the customers based on their interests and develop something which no one would have ever imagined. The main aim of the collaboration is to provide connected mobility to all the people at a single global platform.

Word from the Microsoft Officials

The Executive Vice President and the President of the Microsoft Global Marketing, Sales, and Operations, has said that though the idea of the connected car existence is still in its infancy stages, there is a lot of potential to change the industry in a dramatic and effective way. It was reported that Microsoft was partnering with Renault-Nissan’s cloud and mobile strategies so that they can together roll out new adventures for the customers. Also, Renault-Nissan is considered as a remarkable partner, all thanks to its global existence and the wide range of brands, which will help to enable bringing an entirely new spectrum of digital and mobile experiences to many customers. This collaboration is expected to bring an outright new standard for the connected cars.


The alliance group of the French-Japanese automakers is all set to develop a next-generation infotainment and location-based service by utilizing the ‘Geofencing’ technology, which will allow its customers to personalize and secure their vehicle settings, which on the move should improve their productivity and help them to stay connected with their family and friends, to monitor the concerned aspects of the vehicle from a distance, and to protect their car from thefts.

Microsoft had recently signed a collateral agreement with the German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, to develop an “In Car Office”. The idea behind it is to sync the car’s in-built computer with the car owner’s contacts list, work calendar, and the to-do-list, which will help the commuter to be more beneficial on the move.

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