GTA 5 Gets Futuristic Tron-inspired Mod to Spice Up GTA Online Matches

Inductor Electric Bike

Players have already spent countless hours cruising through the streets and enjoying everything that GTA 5 has to offer.

Plenty of online modes ask them to fight against each other, rob a bank and do some mundane tasks in a real life city.

GTA Online

The authentic feel of living as a person in the city and performing heists is definitely fun. We love it and so did millions of gamers who enjoy GTA Online everyday. But, things are getting repetitive apart from the occasional mods that make the game a bit wacky from its original design. When it looked like things are over and the world of GTA 5 is saturated, here comes a brand new Tron-inspired mod that will tickle your energetic mind one more time.

The problem is even though the entire mod is inspired by the futuristic world of Tron and the levels associated with it, there is no way the developers could call it as Tron. Obviously, the original people behind the comic and movie will come up with lawsuits to take down the mod.

Named as the Deadline update, the new mod is envisioned and developed by Nagasaki Shotaro. While creating the entire world is a much difficult task in this huge engine, he has instead opted to make some changes to make the world look like the one in Tron and added bikes in it. The futuristic bike is stylish as it always has been and the neon colored rays emitted by the vehicle is no simple light but rather can make other players crash if they come into contact with it.

GTA 5 Futuristic Tron-inspired Mod

Players on GTA Online can enjoy the Deadline update in the adversary competitive mode. If they are willing to spend about $2 million virtual cash in the game, the bike can be used in Los Santos. Those who have probably spent hours playing the game doing heists and other activities to earn money would have two million lying in their banks. But, is the new neon world bike worth the update? It actually is! After all, what’s the point of hoarding if you can’t enjoy life.

Besides, GTA 5 is slowly reaching its end and GTA Online may soon have very little players to compete with. This is the best time to download this Tron update as well as buy the bike and show yourself off to others online. Besides, in the adversary mode, it could lead to intense fights like never before.

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