Google Updates Calendar App to Version 1.6.3 Which Brings Landscape Mode Views, Spotlight Search, and More

Google Calendar App Version 1.6.3

Google Calendar app for the iOS platform has been a very useful alternative to Apple’s native calendar app.

With the latest update, Google has come up with some features which make it more useful apart from making it easier to use. The search giant has updated its Calendar app on the iOS platform to the latest version 1.6.3 and the update arrives with several features that include support for landscape mode for viewing Month and Week within the Calendar app, spotlight searches, new additions to calendars and lot more.

Google Calendar 1.6.3

Landscape and Portrait Mode

Google has updated the user interface of its native calendar app which has been improved to bring support for viewing the Months in the calendar in a portrait mode, whereas the Week view will now be available in a landscape mode. This update is available only for the iPhones.

Spotlight Search and More

Apart from the addition of the Landscape mode, the Google Calendar updated version 1.6.3 for iOS comes along with the ability to perform Spotlight searches that will allow the Google notes to search for the events, reminders, and for goals from within the app and then save it within the app by using the inbuilt Spotlight Search function of the iOS platform.

Google Calendar reminders function

 However, the new additions to the Calendar app do not just end there with the latest update as the search giant has also added other alternative calendars to the app. The users will now also have the option to add non-Gregorian calendars like the Hindu, Lunar, and Islamic calendars within the app. So the users who use alternate non-Gregorian calendars can view them alongside the current Google Calendar.

Arrange Meetings via G Suite

There comes another addition that is applicable only through the G Suite, which enables the Calendar app to automatically arrange for the meeting rooms and to decide the meeting time for its users. According to the description that was given to the G Suite feature for the Calendar app which has been displayed on the App Store, all the users will have to do is just add their colleagues as guests to an event and then, Google Calendar will find the best meeting times and rooms for them.

Updates to Gmail

Gmail on iOS Undo Send

Recently, Google had also announced a major makeover to its Gmail for the iOS platform. The Gmail was overhauled with new features including a new impressive user interface for the iPhone and iPad devices. The latest update for the completely redesigned Gmail brings additional features like the Material Design interface, improvised search suggestions, the Undo Send feature apart from the ability to swipe for archiving or deleting emails.

The new updated Google Calendar app is available already for download and can be installed from the App Store. The update version 1.6.3 of the Google Calendar app is available as of now only for the iPhone and it has not yet arrived for the iPad.

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